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LCA Red Hymnal Liturgy

"I'm under Law, not under grace -- unless I'm free in Christ to run through some red stoplights by faith in Jesus" (?)

Cateresy: Atonement by Ingesting Eucharist?

NO "Purgatory"

(Daniel Roy Bloomquist, S.T.D.)

Which to Wear: hijab, niqab, chador, or burka?

Rong Term: "palestinians"

Guitar Chords Fingering Chart

OM Chanting

Free Will & Blood Sacrifice

Three Heresies Refuted

Law to Save?


Trust God?


Roy Moore and the Election of December 2017

Law to Yet Obey, or Faith Only not Fruits-of-the-Spirit Good Works for Salvation?

Print, re-copy, distribute, and utilize this as an Annual Mate-a-Thon Application and Questionnaire!

The Big Three:

Mate Prep
Mate Exam
Mate Cert

Hotlink to Some Old-Tyme, Junior-Hymnal-Numbered, Evangelical-Lutheran/Baptist, Hymn Titles for Simple Guitar Strumming in the Keys of G and D only

Bach Notation Scores

Anglican Matins Services


Hymn Music Scores

Favorite Baptist Hymns Scores (Music Notation)

Anglican Matins Service (word-text only)

Augustana Black Hymnal Service Liturgy

LCA Red Hymnal: Setting 1

LCA Red Hymnal: Setting 2

LCA Red-Hymnal Hymns

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Baptist-Hymns Notation and Lyrics

Augustana Hymnal Hymns Notation and Lyrics

[Partially-Corrupt] New American Standard Bible N.T.

[Partially-Corrupt] New International Version N.T.

Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Scripture Segments

Don Henley sings Dirty Laundry

Excerpts from the John Wesley N.T. Translation

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Sacred-Harp Choral Singing

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